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I had always dreamed of designing and opening my own project studio.  After years of working on my own band’s and friends’ projects, thankfully, I was able to tap the expertise of two studio professionals:  one a studio designer by trade based in LA, the other a head technician at one of Chicago’s most prominent studios.  With their help and my brother-in-law’s excellent planning and building skills (he’s the family carpenter and I left out the “building double walls” part til later 😳,) I was able to bring to life a top-tier, professionally designed and treated recording and mixing space to bring other artists' dreams to life.

The original purpose was to be a development, overdub and mix studio.  That was until my first client was a full band.  Now, I can say PWR Studio is a full service facility.  


The focus at PureWave is making the musical vision of the artist reach it's full potential. Plenty of studios have the space, the gear and technical savvy to get tracks “on tape”; but at the end of the day, it’s the ears and decisions of the engineer that will make or break the actual recording of your music.  


Music and recording are my life and have been from when I was 10 years old bouncing Beatles parts on my Tascam™ four track, to my Pro Tools™ system today.  I think music is a universal phenomenon that transcends so many of the boundaries we encounter in our lives. I love being moved by music and moving people WITH music. It’s because of this that capturing it accurately and completely is one of my lifelong passions.


PureWave is proud to offer the features, experience, and quality of a top-tier recording facility with an eye toward the budgets of local and regional bands and artists that haven’t reaped the benefits of that platinum record . . . yet!

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